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Hello… my name is Jeff, and I publish the Spotify Newsletter — the week’s most relevant articles, delivered to your inbox every Friday morning in one single and easy-to-read email.

This newsletter endeavor covers Spotify from all angles; the innovation and streaming technology side of the business, to the impact the audio company has on the music industry, from executives and artists, to the listeners.

I explore Spotify via the abundance of news and opinions discovered across the internet, hand-curating the content to shape a weekly story about this powerful, global platform for music and innovation, and how it affects creativity, culture and the business of music.

Plus, I’m adding music to each issue. The ‘New Adventures In Spotify’ playlist blends deep tracks, popular tunes, hidden gems, vintage favorites and new releases.

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Why a newsletter about Spotify?

I love the Spotify platform. There’s plenty of music streaming platforms to choose from, but I have always been Team Spotify from the jump.

I’m addicted to the joys of streaming music. To have such a wealth of music - old and new - just a click away is truly amazing. I still have hundreds of CDs, crates of vinyl albums. I listen to SiriusXM in the car. I dive into my iTunes collection occasionally.

But it’s Spotify that drives the day for my music-listening, music-exploring adventures.

Besides enjoying Spotify as a platform to stream music, I’m also fascinated with the influence and importance the Spotify business & brand has on culture, technology, media, and, of course, all the moving parts of the music business.

See you on Friday!

— Jeff

*The weekly newsletter is not affiliated with Spotify. I’m a loyal fan of the digital music service and enjoy sharing must-read articles about Spotify every week. Of course, if anyone at Spotify headquarters wants me to jump on the newsletter / editorial team, I’m all ears!* 😀

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